New Office!


We are proud to be a part of the Blue Flint Group, a group of creative companies based in Bristol. As the group continues to grow, more space was required to house the increasing number of people and companies within the group.

In September 2017, a new unit was purchased on the Paintworks site and work began to transform a bland space into a truly spacious and inspiring place to work. We officially moved into unit 1.9 in March 2018 and immediately feel at home in this tailor made space.

It's fantastic to have such a remarkable space for bookworm to grow and to create new and inspiring children's book series and titles. We're now fortunate enough to have dedicated areas for design, mock ups, for housing books and an old lift shaft has been transformed into a cosy and quiet meeting space for brainstorming or for meeting our amazing clients.

The office space has already sparked new ideas, and so we're looking forward to filling the office (neatly!) with more amazing children's books over the coming years.